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Create events within events.

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The Social Party Machine

Enjoy phototainment with everyone at your party with a digital photo booth from Gifn. Share event photos online in real-time and keep the party going with a social after party site.


Gifn is Everywhere

Our digital photo booths travel anywhere in the US. Find Gifn at parties, conferences and other events. Click any brand below to see the Photo Feed!

See Gifn Booths in Action

Crave more social interaction at events? Attract more crowds with a digital brand experience.
See how we create digital event booths below.

The Full Brand Experience

Your event is special, and guests deserve a full brand experience. Customize digital photo booths and after party sites with your branding, color palette and hashtag.

After the Party, It's the After Party

Keep sharing even after your event. All Gifn events come with Photo Feed, a fully social site that houses all of the gifs and interactions from your party. Guests share right to their phones or send to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Bring Attendees Back

Invite attendees to your next event or send a 'thank you' gift.

Your Fans

Your Business


Attendees snap and share photos, enjoying a digital booth experience with your brand.


Attendees connect to your brand on-site with Gifn, then share online with a social Photo Feed site.


Send thank you gifts and invite guests to your next event after using Gifn.

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